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October 29, 2008

God prefers Atheists … and other delights

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Reading this comic at the top of my morning made me laugh out loud.

Then over at Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, I stumbled across reference to a pet CLONING operation.

I usually consider myself pretty leftish. Further liberal than most would who call themselves liberal. I believe telling women they can’t have domain over their own bodies is the same as telling them to stay in the barn with the cows.

I believe the war on drugs is a crime against humanity. I believe individual rights are endowed by our creator…but that separation of state and church is very important. I still feel like yer god and yer jesus are all cool with me – it’s just most rabid Xtians I cannot understand.

I proudly identify as earth-based or pagan when asked about my ‘religion’.

So imagine my surprise when I had a very evangelical response to the notion of cloning my beloved, yet recently deceased pet cat Spike.

I believe my response is “hell f-ing NO! yer screwin with the natural order of things.” No matter how much it might make me feel better to have a replica of my Spike here with me, it would be un-natural. A right I’m not meant to have…get me?

I mention this to my wife, in passing, at the coffeemaker, and she reminds me atheists have morality that comes from within, and god likes us better anyway. We ask less of him/her.

I used to sing songs with Jesus on my swingset in the backyard. I was raised fire-n-brimstone baptist. I haven’t prayed in years, but found myself unable to avoid it when Spike was sickest last week.

You can only see someone vomit so hard it comes out their nose once before wanting to not just ease but END their pain. Thank god I had a way to help him end it which was nearly as painless for us as it was for him. ((Hear that god?))


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