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November 28, 2008

another holiday come around

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Hi and happee belated txgvg

Riding around in the car, as holidays with family usually require, I found myself staring out the window and sorting my thoughts.

Amid the rock-tumbler of my head, I found many things about this world make me want to write/blog/whine/bitch about ’em.

iTunes still sucks. We actually played my old skool ipod in the car during our drives yesterday and *poof* none of those track-plays registered with iTunes when I synced after the trip. Not because the battery died and it forgot what it played. Nope, this time iTunes crashed when I synced and it had to be force-quit and restarted.

Foolish me, I expect when a feature is implemented it should be reliable and solid, not sloppy and buggy. I also have this irrational expectation that if play count is to be kept track of at all, it should count every time, not just when it wants to function properly.

I read about new apple laptops and desktops not allowing unapproved monitors to show blu-ray HD content. I am unimpressed with how fast apple trashes their userbase, only supporting the newest, most expensive hardware they bring to market.

I’m ashamed to have spent so many words on one focal-point of my anger. There’s SO much to go around.

My poor retarded motherland, America, takes one step forward in electing a black man president, and then one step backward by denying rights to gay people. How can this not feel like a one-two suckerpunch of yay-then-whoa?

I’ve also been thankful over the last few days…this is a reflective time of year, if for no other reason than the drab dead appearance of the world outside the door/window. But I also remember the adage that says ‘change depends on the unreasonable man’ – that is, he who will not accept How Things Are.

So here’s my bleeding brains, my ranting heart, and my steadfast unacceptance of how things is. Call it therapy, call it vanity, call it blogging. I can’t seem to stop. Without arms or paper I’d talk to the darkness.

more to come…


November 14, 2008

don’t be evil, Google!

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I was reading my usual daily websites, a little slower this week. Trying to turn grief into art and still look for a job.

I wondered what happened to Palms Out Remix Sunday. It just stopped a few weeks back. I downloaded it religiously over the summer and listened to it as a barometer of DJ and remix culture.

Turns out Google’s being evil. Read about it here.

In short, blogger’s no longer the mp3blogger’s paradise it once might have been. After seeing a titan of the scene treated in such a fashion, I hope users flee blogger in droves.

But my deep lifelong sense of sarcasm makes me ask: does Conde Nast own wordpress? Does News Corp?

Am I jumping from one titanic to another (banned from myopera, starting over here at WP), or is there some decent community-minded spirit here like there is at livejournal?

Can I get an Amen, Russ?

November 10, 2008


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For the first time in a long time I am optimistic about the state of government and politics in general. Another first for me was feeling moved nearly to tears by President-Elect Obama’s words on election night.

I’ve been molting from one blog to another this year. I neglected my former myopera page for myspace friends and livejournal contact with my wife while she was away doing research in Africa.

I’ve had some nibbles but no takers for the longest unemployed period of my life. My youngest brother is having similar job hunt trouble, but he’s engaged to a kickass soldier woman – who’s also a mother.

I have a firm grip on how little it matters in the scope of the enormously complex world we live in, but I’m still mourning my cat Spike. I probably only overattached because I didn’t think I could feel the same sense of loss I felt at 16 when my dog Duke died.

Seven years of Spike being my shadow, very vocal and personable…I miss him at all sorts of awkward times lately. Miss being woken up in the morning by insistent meow-whining that if ignored, led to clawing at the foot end of the bed.

But most of all I miss his feet on my arm when sitting at my computer, or on my leg when sitting on the couch playing pinball on the xbox or watching mythbusters or enterprise.

I think about applying at the low-ball places I haven’t hit yet in town. Gas stations, fast food, whatever. I can relate to those depression-era pictures I see where guys have signs saying ‘any job will do.’

There’s yet another new stephen king book on the shelves. I never finished Duma Key, though Cell wasn’t a total loss. Michael Crichton died, meaning there’ll be no more wonderful books from him.

I’ve been compiling a short list of albums or books to suggest to the family this Thanksgiving, since I know they’re gonna ask. And I can’t just say ‘check my amazon wishlist’ because these are my blood kin – they may grok the internet, but want a recitation on demand.

I played Spyro – Dawn of the Dragon for the ps2 and although it appears they’ve fixed the most annoying aspects of the last game, this one is just another button-mashing combat sim with no similarity to the games that built the franchise.

I played Crash – Mind Over Mutant, the second in the Crash Bandicoot series to ditch the Bandicoot from the title entirely. This is another example of drawing out a franchise without any new ideas. I really liked the platformer aspects of Crash Tag Team Racing, but the rest of the game was too easy.

How hard can it be to find someone who can breathe life into these characters that is also not unlike the games that made them so famously popular? Ratchet and Clank seems to be the series where all that fun went, but even that’s become a combat sim with platformer elements scattered about.

On the blogging front, this year’s big concept was to multiplex myself, splitting off gamer related rants to one site, music and concert reviews to another, book and website stuff in perhaps another, and diary-type psychobabble like this – also politicks, hence bleeding brains here.

Maybe in another month or two I’ll have linked up my own personal multiplex, waltz through slapping a post on each of them every fortnight, and consider my plan realized.

November 4, 2008

a guy just drove by…

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So we have a Obama/Biden sign in the front yard, facing the highway.

Some anonymous male just drove by, swerved to our side of the street coming from the other way, and shouted “Go Palin!”

And I wonder, does he even know who his candidate IS?

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