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January 6, 2009

old kit macs

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So it turns out that another year looking for work in a town where it doesn’t happen often has yet ANOTHER liability.

My desktop mac appears to be dying. It’s a dual processor and one of them is flatlined. It won’t sleep and has to be shut down to avoid issues on booting up.

This means that my most reliable mac is my old clamshell ibook with its slow ass G3 processor and that for-shit 800×600 screen res. Most websites aren’t worth using at 800×600. Grrr.

I’m stuck at 10.3.9 with that ibook, and Firefox 3 only plays with 10.4 or later, dammit.

So add to the heap of reasons I wish/want to be working:

I need a new fast-ass intel mac mini and a widescreen LCD display.

I have the fear that I’m counting the times my desktop mac will boot on my fingers.


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