My Bleeding Brains

February 28, 2009

facing changes

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I’m stunned by a pal’s resilience. He’s a father, a DJ and he blogs regularly.

I keep bubbling idears behind my eyes, but haven’t dropped words on paper in a while.

I asked a few different authors about writing in hi skool. Got told that if you’re meant to use words, you won’t want to do much else.

I’m not sure if I ever really figured out what I want to do with my life. Most of the friends I had at college have started families of their own.

In the straw-that-broke-my-back department, an author I took classes from at college died suddenly the other day.

Reading about his death stepped on my tangled nerve fibers left exposed since the last time I faced death, spat into the wind, and walked away missing the bites it’s taken out of me.

Utah Phillips

George Carlin

Robert Anton Wilson

my cat Spike

my uncle Roy

It has to be a basic human emotion to want to punch God in the face.

Having said that, this is me looking hopefully toward the near future…

…and digging through box after box of old college papers looking for a picture Ick took of my brother with Toby Keith.


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