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August 12, 2009

off 2 boot camp

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I think I’m gonna try installing some version of windoze on my mac…if I can find enough spare gigs.

I wish my itunes library weren’t taking up 60-70% of my hd. I could wish for a terabyte drive in my mac mini too…doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

Of course, I upgraded the ram in it without trouble. I exhaustively reviewed how-tos and faqs before doing it. The HD wouldn’t be that much harder, just expensive. I could get a terabyte usb chunk for <$100.

But the 80gb 3.5in ata/usb drive I have now is a whiny, noisy bastard. The more expensive 2.5in ‘laptop’ drive would go inside the mini, and be quieter. Oh, but for the lack of loot…*sigh*

When it comes to win on a mac with an intel processor, the ‘boot camp’ method is supposed to be far superior to an xp install with a small footprint in virtualPC used to be on a G4 powerPC. If I can find the disk space, I’m gonna try running win on my mac. There’s still a pitiful few apps that have yet to be equal on the mac.

Also, I’m ‘consulting’ and gathering info from eighteen different directions on medical apps and utilites for the palm platform.

Learning my way around an entirely new region of the planet is a persistent challenge lately. I’m also pursuing the art of noise in a few different apps and dimensions. Maybe more than just a few edits will come of it.

Coincidentally, has anyone heard Mos Def’s ‘Quiet Dog Bite Hard’? Wow…


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