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August 26, 2009

on domesticity, etc

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Not long ago I remember reading Katy ramble from yonder down south about amusing herself with household chores while her husband was away with the Marines.

So it goes that I’m scooping cat litter, running the dishwasher, dumping coffee grounds, emptying lint traps, scrubbing the sink, and readying the mop. Even if the kitchen floor has no more square feet than the average office cubical.

Contrary to the example of domestic pioneers Donna Reed or June Cleaver – I’m doing it to the soundtrack backdrop of or RadioGlitch or any of my handful of favorite drum-and-bass or electro streams. But I’m making like my mama taught me and not just getting it all done, but keeping it all done.

Earlier on I was dancing around like a big white idiot singing along with Weezer’s song ‘Getchoo’ among others. This was from a fan-made edit of demos and album cuts pasted together attempting to approximate Weezer’s never-made 2nd album rock opera Songs from the Black Hole.

I remember going through some emotional abuse from a long-since ex and having Weezer’s Pinkerton album be a support in a way I’m not sure most women would understand. Maybe I was just proto-emo. But those songs are seared into my brain like most of Nirvana’s Bleach and NIN’s Pretty Hate Machine.

Maybe if I’d had a father around the house more often in my youth – instead of just mom and grandma, I might be out there fixing cars or jumping out of planes with guns strapped to me. But I think I’m beginning to get satisfied that I’m a singer, a drummer, a deejay, a sampler, and all kinds of stuff we don’t have good words for yet.

When I was in high school and before, I could daydream for hours about what might be, what could be. Today I recognize that I deal a lot more with what is – thanks to building something important in the now.

Most of my friends from high school and college are now married people. (And these days who doesn’t know someone who’s been through a divorce long before 30?) Most of those married friends are parents now – I almost feel left out. Almost.

This morning I’m raising my coffee cup in a toast, a hopeful thought to my wife, and all our spouses/mates/partners in general. My grandparents and several aunts-and-uncles have been good examples of managing long-term give-and-take in what society calls marriage. I’m thankful for their examples, however limited my memory of them may be these many years later.

I feel that the government shouldn’t be able to tell people when their union, their partnership, with another human being is valid or not. So I wish if we could come to some agreement that health care is a basic human right in America, that we can come to agree that love is where we find it. Government can recognize unions, and churches can have marriage if they’re so picky about it. /end soapbox

This morning I’m shuffling through the housework so I can take a few pics of the new place looking pristine for friends requesting them. Being so far from most of the friends and family, I want to share what most of them will never be able to afford to come and see.

After the pics I’ll get to the rest of my hobbies, duties, or whatever it is that I find to pass the time between the ever-present and ever-tenuous job hunt.

I ‘ve scanned a few friends blogs in my daily reading. I just discovered via Rachel Maddow’s wikipedia entry why I seem to agree with her worldview more often than not. She’s just barely got two years on me. /again wit the lolz

I can take Olbermann most of the time, but sometimes he trots right up to that line where he’s just about as hyperbolic and vitriolic as those he’s arguing against. I like tRMs b/c Rachel seems to be doing more actual reporting, and keeping her tone quite civil – to my leftist/anarchist ears.

I’m out – got a long list of interesting pursuits: the never-ending pursuit of actually making some chiptune music, scanning grandma’s old slides, gaining inspiration from the pages of Make and 2600, cutting up more samples and loops, making little audio collages to amuse my wife and myself, waiting till no one’s around to play my casio amateurishly SK-1 along with my music, laying down scratch vocals for a remix contest

– and continuing to adjust to life halfway across the country from the new kentucky bluegrass of Target Field where the Minnesota Twins will play next season outdoors.


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