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October 31, 2009

Samhain etc

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Rumpled thoughts like the crumbling leaves.

Cali keeps it alive, the grasses out the back window that had died a month ago appear to be green again already. The leaves are off about half the trees. But there are some that just don’t play that.

There’s a wee nip in the air, even here. On the way to the car the other morning, still moonlit, I could see my breath.

No matter where you go, there you are.

I leapt before I looked and now I have a minor mess to clean up.

A friend helped me upgrade to 10.6, the Snow Leopard version. Except now my firewire dvd burner now doesn’t work at all.

And the fan makes this strange chirpy noise like a cricket every once in a while. At least I think it’s the fan. It could be the hard drive making those noises, maybe.

I liked using the external burner. So I’m gonna have to archive all my important stuff and revert to the previous version of the os. A task I’d rather not do at all, ever.

In other news, I noticed nintendo has announced a version of their handheld that I might actually want to use. After they gave me what I originally wanted, which was New Super Mario Bros. on a bigger screen…they brought it out revamped for the wii.

Now they’ve also upgraded the DS, making the screen something I could actually see without holding it eight inches from my face. It’s big enough to actually use.

I imagine the bigger touchscreen surface would make it much easier to use the free open-source proteinDS and other scratch-tastic samplodelic music creation apps. Maybe even onstage in performance, as some chiptune artists do with gameboys.

Its another sabbat, another holiday, another halloween, another samhain, another day of the dead. I look forward to the next few days. Trying to explain the ancient signifigance of this holiday to fundamentalist Christian relatives…is less fun.

But keep a wary eye, paint up your face, eat sweets, get spooked, remember the dead, and till next our paths do cross, well and blessed be.



October 21, 2009

in regards to pat buchanan

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I’ve read and posted a link (on fb)  to a rant from a right-winger, whingeing about how ‘traditional’ views are being wronged. It would be possible to agree with him if he weren’t so blatantly exemplifying what he’s attempting to decry.

It’s about time someone pointed out that for whatever reasons, bad, worse, or just random chance…

Bu$hCo co-opted the Religious Right for their ends. The country, the world, and the citizenry aka We The People voted for change in massive numbers.

Whether or not the Religious Right is to blame for bigotry or backwards thought, it’s gonna get lumped in with ideas that are outdated.

This is all because they let themselves get dragged along for a worthless, useless war that’s plundered our economy, killed thousands of Americans and untold tens of thousands of Iraqis.

On the other hand, everyone’s playing the typical anxious impatient American, probably to everyone but most notably to President Obama.

We want our change NOW, they seem to be saying. All of ’em. Doesn’t matter if they want the troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, Germany, if they want Gay Marriage and Equal Rights, or if they want an end to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

If traditional fundamentalist Christianity gets stepped on in the process of all these changes Whose Time Have Long Since Come, well then I, for one, won’t be losing any sleep over it.

Fundamentalist Christianity has been an embarassment to itself for a long time. I remember fellow churchgoers, back in a former life when I was among them, saying that they didn’t even wish to be identified as Christian, just rather ‘religious.’

For Pat Buchanan to rail against the ‘abandonment’ of traditional values could be amusing if it weren’t sad. We’re evolving. As individuals, as a society, as a nation, and our laws and customs are coming along for the ride.

I believe it’s time for all of us to be asking of our elected officials, the talking heads on teevee and radio, and journalists of all stripe from blogger to professional correspondent.

“Which side are you on?”

If you’re anti peace, love and life, get your ass in the back or get right with the consequence of being run over by Us.

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