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January 25, 2010

January in Cali-land

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The morning has passed, lunchtime is passing. The day has yet to break that overcast hazy grey so typical of the last few weeks. If it’s not raining, it’s not sunny.

I imagine the spring being something to behold. The leaves just finally fell from the trees here. I’m so used to that being something the rains get in the first weeks of October if not before. They stayed past Yule this year, out here anyway.

I’m gonna get up here in a minute and refill my coffee. Earlier I knocked down another dozen scans of slides from Grandma’s collection. 2700 dpi x 3-4 minutes from preview through save.

28 images to a contact sheet. I’ve been posting 800×1000 150dpi test images for the family to keep up with. The speed – or lack thereof – of the scanner means I have plenty of time to tip the slide toward my eye between my head and a light source, blow or dust away any debris on the film itself.

I’ve kept myself amused in the process of these rather rote tasks – scanning slides and hustling big tiffs from zip disk to laptop to old firewire ipod to desktop peecee for processing – by listening/watching Bill Moyers Journal, Democracy Now and Rachel Maddow. Also: speed runs of Super Mario games, Data Transmission and Juno breakbeat podcasts.

I keep returning to the strange iterative thoughts of the Best Of 2009 and Best Of 2000-2009 and the major differences between them. Losing touch with the teeny-Disney pop demo and the poser radio rap crap in my ripe young age – and not even slightly missing the calculated sanitized plasticity of it.

Most listened albums of 2009?
Brother Ali – Us,
Mr. Lif – Welcome to the World,
Michael Franti & Spearhead – All Rebel Rockers,
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit,
Mos Def – The Ecstatic,
Cracker – Sunshine in the Land of Milk and Honey,
Amy Ray – Didn’t it Feel Kinder,
Dan Wilson – Free Life,
Drive-By Truckers – Pizza Deliverance,
Weezer – Raditude,
Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown,
Nellie McKay – Obligatory Villagers,
Mark Olson and Gary Louris – Ready for the Flood,
and Ryan Adams’ Pax Am singles.

Not all of that came out in 2009, some of it’s from before – but that’s how we roll. Honorable Mentions go to Pink, Nelly Furtado, Lady Sovereign, Jason Boland, and Ash – for the A-Z Series thusfar.

Jay Bennett clearly gets my award for Man of the Decade for his contributions to Wilco’s strange story as well as his duo work with Edward Burch and his solo albums.

I also find my head racing, thinking that whoever loved Uncle Tupelo and had been waiting for Son Volt to do a big double-album affair like Wilco’s Being There… got their wish when Son Volt did the deluxe version of The Search.

This turned into the double gatefold vinyl known as “On Chant and Strum” but deserves one of the top 10 spots of my decade for the wild variance and how it surpasses Being There.

I keep remembering stuff that I played the heck out of for a period of time, but haven’t listened to as an album in years.

Coffee…need coffee. More postage to come. Hit up, or if curious. Those are some usual places to look for new media to download, preview or want-list.

A heartfelt “awww” to the Vikings fans. Betta luck next time.


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