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March 8, 2010

the lost month

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Did February go by without me posting here? Wow. I know how didactic and distracting it is to read about the blogger discussing the bloggage. But still. I’m stunned.

I wrote plenty last month. I slapped a few less coherent and more standup misanthrope style material – inspired by my recent affinity for Patton Oswalt and Doug Stanhope – up on this page’s dark sibling whose name I shall not utter.

I also worked a wee bit on the “finished” but “doesn’t ‘feel’ finished” novel I wrote in November. I almost put “novel” in the quotes there too, but three quoted bits in too short succession got confusing.

Edging away from the didactic, I’ve been musically reaching. I felt kinda stagnant for a while there. I had a lot of Weezer in my head in Oct and Nov, and a Ryan Adams epiphany/resurgence also helped tip my creativity into gear.

I worked up a 10-dvd comp for my deployed brother. All rap and hip-hop. Discographies for any big name you’d relate to the genre(s) and tons of indie peoples, lots of old school and remixes. I found it odd to hunt down stuff I’ve never been overly into, like Wu-Tang Clan or Jay-Z. I don’t hate ’em, I just been far more into other shit – like me a song here or there from Wu anyway.

I keep tripping on the lyrics of CYNE, a rap band from Florida. I heard a random track a number of years ago, but they’ve been growing on me since. Then I heard about a new disc called ‘Water For Mars’ and I’ve been converted. This is a proper listenable album experience like that new P.O.S. and there’s hardly a clunker track to be heard.

This is some “buy that” type shit right here. I know the ipod changed the game and everyone has something to say about digital music sales. But I’m proud old school by dint of the fact that time passes without my consent. Inside I’m still a teenager too cool for all you cellphone zombies. And I actually want the actual disc or record from the artist.

With all the ‘unboxing’ porn from people opening their electronix purchases for the world to see online…I can’t imagine where the pride in owning the actual CeeDee went. I don’t have the lame teenager vibe of wanting to own every album. The internet democratized access so that I’m often hearing what I wanna before the critics can ruin it for me – the way It Should Be.

I do still wanna hear anything I have interest in. Just like reading…when a library card was access to a whole world of untapped knowledge limited only by the speed I could read…the net lets me explore whatever whims my mind takes me toward.

Excusing the free digression vibe about my love for this, I think I listen to as much or more new music than most anyone I know. I read a lot, but I always have. The internet just democratized the access of all the cultural flotsam to my hungry mind…not the other way around. The stories all get a whack at me, from one website or another.

I can never understand the whole chilling effect of people being embarrassed about their browsing habits. No one should ever be embarrassed about what they’d read at the library, so no one should ever be intimidated from learning or viewing or reading whatever they want.

Of course in my day we couldn’t have double-penetration bestiality porn on the HD display at the library’s internet kiosk, either. (So I’m just as useless at trying to make a point as I was this time yesterday. This time I posted it instead of dropping it in a textfile no one will ever read, leaving digital skinflakes to their own flavor of oblivion.)

The perpetual greyness that has been December thru March in central California is not the upgrade I had fantasized about in Minnesota all these years. This shit isn’t motivating me, it’s playing into my seasonal tendencies from all those worthless winters.

But that’s enough public psychic nudity for one post, eh?

Last night I felt like some of that “prog” sound I’ve learned to refer to the vibe of Russian Circles. (And I normally turn away quick from anything else people describe to me as “prog” or prog-rock.)

A guy at a house party, between mixing me stiff drinks in a plastic cup, couldn’t contain his awe at this band. I went on a dig and found their works he’d dubbed me in among stuff from several years ago now. Their first stuff is pretty hard, and they sure don’t mellow out, but their later efforts begin to appeal to me now.

For the last few nights I’ve been on an indie rap kick. Rhymesayers, CYNE, minneapolis hip hop like P.O.S., heiruspecs and atmosphere. Sure Atmo may be big now, but they can still turn around and do goofy shit like Felt, so they’re not too far removed from indie, success notwithstanding.

Of course the rhymesayers and doomtree crews led me to dessa, cecil otter, dosh, and eyedea and abilities. I’ve heard a fair amount of this between MN radio and 770, but it’s still wowing me. P.O.S. for one, his newest album Never Better is aptly titled.

I don’t get fires lit under me to buy new albums, but the new one from P.O.S. is rising to the top of a list inside I don’t even feel much anymore. and Cyne is rising up, as is Grieves…who I hear is a new signee to rhymesayers. Good on you, m8!


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