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April 7, 2010

idle fear dump (don’t call it a rant)

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so okay this one time? there was this country where everybody wanted to share, help each other succeed. They weren’t communists, they were capitalists, but they knew capitalism wasn’t everything and if nobody liked you at the end of the day, that trumped business success. Perhaps it even held a little cloud of social doom, back in saner times.

Somehow America lost its sense. Seems like most, if not all, of the people doing the serious coveting and money grubbing are the ones who don’t care how much they’re hated if they WIN. When did that become a good thing?

If I start going on about America’s soul, I’m gonna start getting tugged toward the theological and spiritual. I resist the Christian framing, but I honestly believe that the founders and originators of the country practiced a kind of capitalism far different from today’s birds of prey on Wall Street.

It’s strange for me to see what passes for a Republican party today. My uncles would not recognize them. Neither would the guy who owned the grocery store, the drug store, the laundromat, or the taxi driver. Not the ones I knew in my youth.

Things have changed, and not for the better. Something’s sick in the former party that wished for shared prosperity, championed state’s rights, believed in fairly and regularly taxing corporations, and believed in providing for the poor instead of blaming them for their plight. The guys who didn’t think Nader was always wrong, thought safety regulations and environmental protections were good for industry – but were also obviously NOT democrats.

What I see today is a bunch of rowdy imbeciles who seem singularly motivated by their resentment that the White House no longer has an utterly spotless succession of white men that have lived there. They spend everyday thinking about what they personally wish to do about it, with or without the help of like-minded friends, the radio or the teevee.

I imagine many of them would’ve been motivated similarly if Hillary Clinton had been elected. It is an unfortunate thought, but it looms large as fact in my mind.

That is why I fear for my country, and for every soul tasked with protecting this President, more than any other before him.


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