My Bleeding Brains

May 19, 2010

and the ocean shall bleed

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If I felt particularly entertaining, I could tell you a story about a young and impressionable boy. He watched the news one night, saw a volunteer attempting to clean the crude oil from a pelican.

This intrepid individual painted a canvas depicting this scene, and despite the eventual accolades causing him to hide the painting, caught attention from just about everyone.

All because the world presented him with a disgusting spectacle, a stunning and clear example of how nothing matters except money, and how capitalism is a virus. Presented with the mental equivalent of the cold-war mutual-destruction scenario, boy creates art.

Flash forward twenty some years and once more, oil spews into the ocean. This time with no signs of slowing down for over a month already. Nobody’s seriously tried to stop it thusfar, just stood idly by and facilitated this disaster.

Permit us a moment of silence, hoping that open-ended capitalism of this insidious variety, that can pollute on such an unprecedented scale with little more than an aw-shucks … that this form of ignorance will CEASE to exist.

[One might suppose that if the boy once turned to art – like turning the other cheek – when first met with such manifest stupidity…perhaps this time he might turn to some form of respite with far more heft than mere art…]


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