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May 21, 2010

monumentally unimpressed

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One could suppose, if the previous post here is any indication, that this subject line could be about bee pee. Alas, it’s about another, far more shrouded source of probable immense pollution. I refer of course to the eyephone.

I’ve noticed that since the mac got even mini-er than the mere mini, and became pocket sized…the revolution didn’t go as planned this time, either.

Everyone who once rhapsodized about the Newton and how they wished that something smarter and simpler than the palm or crackberry platforms could come along.

We wanted the Newton 2 or 3.0 and we got the eyephone instead. Like a couch-potato and a myspace/youtube addict designed a phone centered around texting and shit. I’m not sure I’m meant to understand.

I’m six months past my expiration date and should be out with the compost on the hillside waiting to roll down to the river and die already. Right? Isn’t that the text-mess amerikan idull generation’s message to the over 30 crowd??

I wouldn’t even bother whingeing about it. I don’t consider my whiny-est positions on any old thing worth posting to the goddam net. I’m a pissant, but I’m not a troll most of the time, dammit.

But somewhere between six and eighteen months ago I began noticing most websites seemed formatted for something OTHER than a desktop computer.

I had, have to, and continue to do this very day, ZOOM the size of any dam site I visit because their designers, in complete zombie lockstep with their advertisers or the “market” or some shit like that, designed their page for the eyephone. Not for my browser, not for me, not for anyone but the pocket-computer zombie class.

I had to zoom yet ANOTHEr dam website just now, and came here to tell you that when web design centers around the eyephone, it leaves this oldskool bbs dialup modem geek monumentally unimpressed. Now get off my lawn…


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