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June 12, 2010

the end of pre-release leaks is nigh

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No I’m not talking about music, although once I explain my title, it could well apply to any type of content.

I noticed the other day something I’m sure tech types have been noticing for a while now. I’m just slow enough I feel the need to reel out some brain about it here.

I look forward to a new title on one of the current consoles, but it isn’t sold in stores. At least not yet anyway, it’s available via the manufacturer’s branded store linked to the online experience provided by the console and the manufacturer’s web presence and digital distribution network.

I remember years ago lightly “hacking” partially obfuscated URLs to download the trailers Apple’s website seemed to only want to let me view in a browser. In the course of my investigations, I found Akamai to be the central domain of this distribution network Apple helped build, test, and expand. This first began with them hosting movie trailers in proto-YouTube fashion going back to the wee beginning days of the internet.

I wonder how many of the Fony Playstation Online, the XBLA, and the Nintendo Wii store or whatever it’s called, run on the Akamai distribution channel Apple, among others, helped bring to life.

I came here to remark that in a world where there are still physical disc pressing plants, distribution and handling months ahead of release date to provide customers with something to buy on that big day…there’s always some degree of pre-release leaking. Even if it’s just blurry shots snapped with a phone camera.

This is slowly becoming a thing of the past when the content provider, in this case the big three, Fony, Macrohard, and Nintendo, can control the content completely. WiiWare titles, XBLA titles, and whatever Fony’s peddling on their similar service – they all don’t leak unintentionally before they go up for sale on their respective servers.

I can see where there would be some benefit to the surety that before you decide to sell a title, it’s not live and available from your servers. Simple as that. Try doing that with thousands of copies on a production plant or warehouse floor.


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