My Bleeding Brains

September 16, 2010


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Michael Moore can always make me laugh. It was amusing to read his open letter about the recent controversy surrounding a community center that’s been in the process of being built for more than three years. Some began calling it a mosque and fanned the flames of the craziest fringe Americans, and suddenly it’s news.

I am still paying attention to the world of politics. I have been amused all year long by the entire media establishment carrying water for the opposition and making it sound like there’s some chance the GOP will have anything approaching a normal season. They may pick up a few here and there, but this will be a slim season for the fringe party no matter how the talking heads paint it.

I’m still reeling from the oil spill, wondering how the cleanup really goes, and how easy it is to manipulate the news cycle to avoid mention of any plumes of oil still present or pooling in their own new dead zones. Nah…instead it’s all predicated on making the GOP’s dead-weight approach to progress seem like a balanced strategy even in the absence of results.

I keep my eye on the projects in front of me, and luckily lately there have been a few more. So I’ll keep my subtle form of psychosis trickle-charging a text file to dump again here soon.


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