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November 2, 2010

the iron aint getting any hotter

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I lol’d myself to sleep thinking how I’d write a short skit about Ralph Garman on one of Kevin Smith’s new podcasts. People kept getting his name wrong. I giggled about Roger Frank or Frank Roger having misadventures he could react to with Ralph’s iconic howdareyousir? and I turned over and fell asleep.

I wake up to the new ep and of course the fellows have tread this very easy target themselves. I can’t stop smiling that I was only a few days behind them, in realtime, and only a few hours ahead of the podcast taped a couple nights ago. (That I’ve just begun listening to now. H-Bo episode 11.)

In related news, I’ve undertaken to crank out whatever near 2000 words a day I can get for the next 30 as a participant in 2010 NaNoWriMo.

I participated last year and “won” by passing 50,000 words with a “novel” composed entirely on my mac with a free text editor called Bean. A novel that sits in a bright orange folder with a large warning label on the cover, that nobody has ever read.

So yeah. Striking while the iron is hot. Last year I posted blogs and reviews during NaNoWriMo, taking my total words per day well over 3000 on many and 5000 on several. Coffee is essential, as is either music or good talk.

Some people can’t write to talk, and I can admit that sometimes it’s not right for the work, but I learned to type to rap music tapes, and spoken word has a rhythm all its own even if -perhaps especially when- you’re not listening for comprehension.

Really, aside from the election, thanksgiving with or without extended family, and the encroaching holiday shopping season, what else u gonna do with a November?


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