My Bleeding Brains

December 1, 2010

plus five percent

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I bet you thought I was gonna go ‘five percent nation of blahblahblah’ or something like that.

Nope. I’m in the free-fall that comes after my second NaNoWriMo. I’d written several novellas in high school, tried my hand at a sci-fi epic and failed fantastically. Short stories mostly since. Everyone has a period of poetry at college, but with my Uncle not around to prod me to Ogden Nash-isms, I’ve retired as any sort of poet. (Unless you get me drunk and hand me a microphone.)

Last November I passed fifty thousand words and heaved a sigh, pushed the printed pages toward the back of my desktop. I’m still not sure whatever that was is “done”, it’s just “over there.”

This year I dropped five thousand words on the last day of the contest and put most of them after the finish line. I guess I taught myself that I can do 2000 words a day without breaking a sweat (unless I try to do it in under an hour, then sweat might occur.)

I’m not attempting to show off any more so than any words written down are, but defining one’s abilities is a routine after a while. Being sure of some means it’s time to learn new ones, methinks. More on that as it unfolds…

Strange thing about this year’s NaNoWriMo story/novel/whatever. It’s still going. I’m trying to keep from epilogue-ing the remainder of what I envisioned for the story. But it may have some legs left in it, as they say. Then I can either move on to last year’s and properly compose an ending, or sidestep into another idea that came to me during the last week or two. So thanks to OLL and NaNoWriMo for the momentum, if nothing else…

Meanwhile the holidaze approach and I put the netflix on hold and amuse myself with The Walking Dead instead. Also Dexter and Lie to Me. Look forward to Ryan and the Cardinals in a few short days, so much I had to pre-order it. Had to.

Heard about new Jayhawks reissues and a new album in the coming year, and thought I’d felt anticipation like I did as a giddy teenager about the new stuff from Weezer this year, the Cardinals new double album, half of the new double from the Old 97s, but hearing about the new Jayhawks album with the incredible Karen Grotberg back in the fold…the new year brings many great things, loud nights around the record player.

/now about that best of list everybody always dumps right about this time o year…


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