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January 4, 2011

mixing up the variables

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Another year. Meh. After you’ve lived 10 or 20 of ’em, the moments when one blinks into another cease to be as thrilling as many expect you to believe. Anticlimactic doesn’t begin to cover watching 11:59 turn into 12:00. It happens every frakking day.

Couldn’t sleep, so lemming’d up to the internet to read a spell.

Found two stories tickling my brain from the start.

I’d like to attempt to force alchemy to occur here, mute reality to my whims and force these two stories to cross-pollinate each other despite the fact that little is common among them aside from my wacky perspective.

First, the notion that video gaming pushes innovation faster than the military industrial complex…playing out before your very eyes in the fact that tech from the popular handhelds, the GBA, DS, psp, ended up in the iphone and the droid.

See more here:

Second, an open source clone of the old BeOs called Haiku. I’d love to see this become a template for OS design, or at least the high-end capabilities paired with low-end hardware requirements screams at a former poor boy who wants to do the most with whatever he’s got. Also shouts to the third world peoples who need a network and multimedia ready OS that runs on whatever hardware can be obtained.

I know it’s a moon-eyed, laudatory, dreamy piece, but the concepts are dead-on.

If I had a wish, it would be making easier, simpler, less-complex and confusing software much more easily available to people with the hardware that refuses to run that expensive new version of Windows7 corporate bloatware.

Maybe we need a homebrew software disc burning club at every major library. Try to reach out to the end users with the least means, keep them part of the online conversation and experience, crafting the interfaces of the future through everyday use, along with their marginally-wealthier brethren.

Maybe I’m just waxing hippy in the odd new year. But I can hope, can’t I?


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