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March 18, 2011

plowing through the review pile

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Writing about other things, writing for other reasons and purposes…I never stop to think that I’ve left one page unposted to. More coffee, that helps.

The new Radiohead seemed to be the first thing everybody wanted to talk about in 2011. I noticed new Cake and word of new Foo Fighters. Blueprint had teased his April release and dropped a 2nd single. I love that remix of So Alive (X144) and then the new Strokes came around.

Mr Lif’s shared some rare new Perceptionists tracks. I can’t stop playing Sak Pase and can imagine that Ak and Lif might kick out some similarly insta-classic jam for Japan whenever they have a chance. Lif did a session at a radio station with the Brass Menazeri if I recall, that also dropped through his bandcamp and deserves your attention.

I grabbed an album from a chiptune artist called Chipocrite and tweeted about it. The special edition of HitNRun is great background music for gaming sessions and I think I’ll take it rollerblading with me whenever this rain lets up. Melodic upbeat energy music is good for the soul.

I heard the new Radiohead soon as everybody else did. I just don’t know what’s wrong. Something has made both In Rainbows and the new one seem like blended radiohead or a radiohead smoothy. All the great gritty goodness on Kid A is swept under some sonic rug, behind a curtain of blah. I like it, but I want more National Anthem, more Idioteque. Sue me.

Hank III wails and shrieks away in the background, and it’s good shit. I just wonder if he’s doing what Ryan Adams did as Werewolph on some of these tracks. That’s no slam.

Ryan Adams is doing some live dates in Europe. I wish I could go, but I imagine I’ll have a chance to see the man play someday, maybe even at the Catalyst up in SC. I still play the III/IV from RATC and wonder how much stuff that good still remains in some vault somewhere.

Similarly, Nellie McKay’s tremendous Home Sweet Mobile Home, Knaan’s Troubadour, Spearhead’s latest, and the new Mason Jennings have been recurrents in the household, stuff we play in the car. Bad Religion, too.

Same time as I was getting to play the new Cake, I heard about new Mighty Mighty Bosstones and then NPR previewed a song from the new R.E.M. And bam, less than a month later, it’s here. Decent stuff, a couple tracks that recall the stronger rock songs on their last album that themselves called back to their strong Monster album in the 90s.

The Bosstones is great. Several classics for them, centerpieces of future live sets, on this disc. Cake I’m still getting used to, but Federal Funding, the first cut, assures their singular wit remains intact. Also, they bring the funk.

In the vein of the Bosstones also new stuff from the Dropkick Murphys and Social Distortion, both of which I can hardly comment on, aside from enjoying my first impressions on the first play through. Like Hank III, there are early favorite tracks already and more to say later, for sure.

I heard about new Lucinda Williams and new Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion on the same day from a No Depression email. Soon enough they were waiting for me to listen to, and I can’t seem to get Lucinda’s “Seeing Black” out of my head. She’s as sharp as ever.

A solo album from the leader of Cracker and CVB? David Lowery hustled out “The Palace Guards” and I’ve hardly had a chance to hear it more than once, but it reminds me why Cracker will remain a band I’ll check in with every time they release an album. The man has a way with the melodies and has a singular way with words.

The Jayhawks have released extended and bonus editions of their classic records Tomorrow The Green Grass and Hollywood Town Hall, both of which take me back to the dorm. I look forward to their new album with the players from those albums immensely.


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