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April 17, 2011

weekend ramblings re: Nintendo’s tba HD Wii-successor

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I usually hit up a few site aggregators to catch up on news.

Among the usual internet flotsam of people bitching about windoze in one breath and how they can’t wait for the next version with their next words…has been a decent amount of buzz from many different sources that Nintendo has a new console coming soon.

I know it’s almost pointless to speculate about something that’s surely less than a fortnight from certain clarity. But that’s what we here on the internet with our blogs do best.

I just can’t really believe that it’s more than an HD Wii. The idea of the controller being a DS-like thing with a screen of its own? Why the hell would we want a controller that costs more than they already do? Every time I’ve been in a store and seen $40-60 prices on controllers I cannot help but think “are all these people around me stupid as a bucket of dirt? How in hell can this sell at that insultingly inflated price? I’ll laugh all the way to the bank when I find it for half that!”

The whole idea that any controller could be worth the $60 pricetag that Macrohard shoved down our throats with the X360 should have led to angry mobs with pitchforks. The same process that broke that company for anti-competitiveness in the browser market should grind them into bones and dust for their absurd prices. Instead the sheep line up and throw their money at Xbox360 products like they’re iPhones er something. It’s this kind of mindless behavior that makes me ashamed of my fellow Americans.

Games are literally never worth more than $20, and the controller should never cost more than that either. And that $20 includes wireless, cordless, bluetooth, the fan inside for sweaty hands, blinking lights, and it NEVER takes more than 2 AA batteries that will work at a MINIMUM of 60 days regular use. Get it through your heads, industry, these are minimal requirements and they NEVER cost more than a Jackson.

If the nintendo system controller for the post-Wii deck has a screen of its own, it will undoubtedly cost some asinine amount. Which therefore means the console itself has to be that much CHEAPER to allow for the bloated fee required to have more than the one that comes with the console.

I’m all for a refresh of the Wii to HD, but it does NOT need to be reinvented or saddled with a DS-like appendage that’s tethered to a console deck. The news leaking out ahead of the announcement of Ninty’s new console hints at a total convergence of their handheld and console markets with nothing but further price, battery use and inconvenience passed onto the end user.

Offering nothing other than HD and increased third-party support is a slim reward for subsidizing Nintendo’s new console, and same as I did with the Wii over there on my shelf, I’ll be waiting at a minimum 24 months to enter the userbase of their newest toy. (And this is speaking as a Wii fan and DS fan who is utterly disinterested in the 3DS and still wants a DSiXL.)

Who knows? Now that the PS3 is getting old enough, I might have one of THOSE by the time I get around to whatever comes after the Wii.


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