My Bleeding Brains

April 24, 2011

We do what we must because we can!

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Loving Portal and Portal 2. I bought Orange Box first thing after acquiring a uber-cheap xbox360. Before even taking it home to verify that it worked entirely properly. This is how you function when you find something this good.

I think I asked somewhere “how could something this great become popular in a world where every game gets saddled with an utterly irrelevant multiplayer campaign?”

Thank you GLaDOS for making me forget Sony. I mean it.

There remain a couple of Ratchet & Clank titles in existence that I have not played but it just doesn’t matter anymore. I haven’t laughed out loud and giggled enjoying myself this much since Going Commando. Fony is bass-ackwards.

In the timeless geek analogy, I once agreed with a phrase I read which said to George Lucas “Joss Whedon is my master now!” Well, Portal is my master now.

In some ways this reminds me of the first time I played Doom back when it first came out. Even after just 5 minutes playing it, I began to imagine Cacodemons hovering just over my shoulder out of sight. Now I think about whipping out my portal gun in the aisles at the grocery store. 🙂

I didn’t catch the train, the drift, the momentum right away. Didn’t even have the hardware to play the game once I’d discovered how irresistible the puzzle solving madness could be.

Once I’d done the diligence of laying in the necessary hardware and played more than a few levels, it was clear I’d found a new favorite. Not just a new game, but a new type of game, a new type of puzzle. Even in a poorly hacked together port for my decrepit old integrated video card, I enjoyed playing, glitchy or not.

Black humor from deep inside my sick cold heart that made me laugh out loud repeatedly, and puzzles so carefully balanced as to reach for that spot where I almost can’t figure it out and then tickle me until it just POPS and gives me that rewarded-brain feel.


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