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May 19, 2011

a brief amateurish lesson in quantum mechanics

Okay so I know I’m not by any means a master. But then are there any true Masters of Quantum Mechanics? Even Einstein and Stephen Hawking are at-best pedestrian at understanding things that exist almost entirely outside The Whole Capacity of Human Thought & Imagination.

But this whole doomsday fetishism thing going on, this rapture lust, this fad of rabid Christians trying to make everybody scared like 9-11 just because they can’t wait any longer to meet their Maker???


Stop feeding the trolls, stop perpetuating this nonsense. This shite belongs on the front pages of the Weekly World News ffs! The Enquirer wouldn’t touch this, it’s beneath THEM, get me??

The absolute truth is that if the Universe did come to An End, it would either immediately reverse the big bang and collapse into a new fluctuation opposite to this bang’s trajectory and perspective, OR it would be entirely obliterated, all matter and substance eradicated to beyond Ether.

Immediately thereafter, The Universe would be replaced with an even harder nut to crack, a bigger puzzle, a bigger enigma in Its Place.

The inversion or replacement of the entire Universe is ALL THAT WILL OCCUR. Humanity schmoomanity, you can’t kill the Universe.

At the very least if the Universe turns itself inside out, THAT is where and why and how all this narcissistic, vain, Humanity-Centric BS will cease!

If that’s what it takes, then maybe I could be at peace with it. Gotta turn off the dark, end the endless night somehow. My life is light, but it isn’t enough. We want yesterday gone. We want the past to die. We want skin color or gender politics to be irrelevant.

So Xtians…go have your doom if you want it so badly. Just get less ignorant, get less stupid, or just get gone. If it were up to most of the under-20 aged people in America I’m pretty sure we’d Annex Jesusland and get on with our lives. Don’t make us need to!

Well and blessed be, safe travels.

[And btw dumping the negativity -from a personal, local, county, state, regional, federal, and international perspective, this would help IMMENSELY to keep there being more tomorrows. Just a hint from me 2 u.]


May 11, 2011

the ABCs of Free/Open Source Mac Software

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You ever do just one thing at a time anymore? I know the productivity lecturers, the motivational speakers, and the performance analysts, the to-do list, GTD nuts all say that multitasking is a myth. Focus is the key.

Some days I just don’t get the people peddling to the middle, the mean, the average. I mean, of course, that’s where the easy money is. Convincing them to hand it over just takes a little stage panache and patter. So going to motivational seminars or becoming the used-car-salesman type required to be successful at giving said lectures – neither one ever appealed to me much.

For whatever reasons and whoever I have to thank (or coise) for my fate, I have not been over there. I’ve been up here for some yet-to-be-perfectly-defined purpose. Being in the 90th percentile for anything might be cause for celebration, but I’m afraid of heights and I don’t like pedestals.

Digression aside…

Listening to Kevin and Jen on Plus One Per Diem, one day behind via the podcast and not the live stream because old habits die harder than some, I guess.

I had to be productive too. So I did the dishes, made some notes, nixed attempting to read my book because it’s harder, while not impossible, to do listening to spoken word commentary. Shuffled through my notes for a novel written more than a year ago, discovering some interesting paths I never actually remembered to go down, or at least not yet, anyway.

and then the cloudy Salinas skies parted and I saw a ray of tungsten lamp light shine across the page where I’d written a hasty list of all the “essential mac apps” I wanted to re-download and install ASAP after acquiring a used mac those many years ago.

Some things have been added, but most of these pieces of excellent (and mostly “pay-only-if-you-like-it”) software have been around a while.

Without further ado (and not perfectly edited, I know I’m making some guesses here and some of these are either not open sourced or not free, but I intend a brief list of the few worthwhile unbloated paywares below, so please if you wish, correct my errors) :

The ABCs of Open Source Macintosh Computer Software

Adium / Audacity /  Adblock / anybody use Apache anymore?

Burn / Bean / Blacklight

Cyberduck / Cog / Camino / google Chrome

Disk Inventory X / DiskEject / DropBox

ffmpegx / FLAC for QT / flux / Flip4Mac / FlashFrozen / FlashBlock / FlashGot

Growl / GIMP / gimpshop / google earth

Handbrake / himmelbar

iBurn360 (legal backup software, and hey, I didn’t try to claim any old iApp!)

Jdownloader / JackPilot

KISMac wifi scanner scrobbler (bit of a cheat for letter L)

macam (legacy webcam driver) / Max / Mac FLAC / Monolingual / MPEG Streamclip / Mixxx / MenuPrefs

Nocturne / Name Mangler / Name Changer

Opera (the browser, not the community)

Picasa / PeerGuardian / Perian

QuickTime Player / QuickSilver (a lotta people LOVE it, but I run a tight ship so I’ve never needed it, yet anyway.)

ReduxEncoder (what used to be VisualHub)

Safari / Seashore / Songbird / System Profiler

Transmission / Terminal (can’t handle a CLI? gtfo!)

the Unarchiver / UnRarX / uTorrent

VLC / VirtualDJ

WriteRoom / WrongRoom / WINE / WineBottler

xACT / X11

Not Free – but still worth a look:

Crossover from CodeWeavers!!

Spaceward Ho!

Peggle Deluxe

Bejeweled 3

Toast (by astarte, no, adaptec, no, roxio. cuz that just roxxy, yo! /sarcasm)

Adopey FotoChop


Traktor DJ Studio

Unison / Unison 2

GarageBand, iMovie/iDVD. (Just not iPhoto unless they fixed it.)


Allgood Solitaire




Solitaire XL


Zuma Deluxe

There’s a similar list for the peecee, I just don’t bring out the gimp that often, it is my backup unit for a reason. So aside from the virus shields, the similar stuff that does the things I want on that side of the OperatingSystem fence, I’d say DaemonTools was a champion in a pinch more than once. But don’t be afraid to edit your windows registry on the fly and make certain you become a good process killer and veteran user of TOP or CMD to monitor your processes under the hood. That’s the only way to use a wintel box without losing your marbles very quickly.


Okay! It’s your turn; what did I miss?

May 3, 2011

just because I can’t not

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Salutations to the US Military, anybody along the chain of command that maintained some semblance of human dignity and didn’t let anyone go in with a firehose full of bullets Sopranos-style.

But I ain’t even gonna say his name, ok? Not here. Not now.

My brother, countless friends and relatives, yours too of course, served, were in danger, were away from home, away from their children, dirty, tired, dehydrated, shot at, etc.

I can go right down the rabbit hole with you some other day about if he ever existed or was a CIA plant, any other cryptofascist conspiracy theory you wanna spew. Just not today.

Today I’m thankful once more I ever won the stupid luck lottery and got born American. Somebody I respect said “three Presidents said they’d get X, finally one of ’em did it.”

I’m’a try and link to the lyrics of a few of the songs that make me choke up, of the hundreds if not thousands of songs borne of this stupid damn war and all the stupid pain it’s caused. In another context recently I shared a clip my brother sent me set to Jason Isbell’s song “Dress Blues.”

Here’s a few choice words from Master Jason Isbell I hope only bring him further renown.

“See the man with the military mind
Trying to make us all afraid all the time
Trying to make us all stay inside and lock our doors and windows
See the man’s got too much to count
Try to recollect the sermon on the mount
Blessed are the poor when they’re all swinging from the gallows

But I ain’t afraid no more

I ain’t afraid no more

I ain’t afraid no more

No, I ain’t afraaaiiid…cuz

However long the night, the dawn will break again
We’ll be around when you have lost your oldest friends
There’s nothing you can say or do to us to drown out this Amen
‘Cause however long the night, the dawn will break again”

Think I’d sell a kidney to be able to write like that.

Since this joint appears to be so new the placenta’s still fresh, so to speak…no lyrics. Just listen.

Thank you Pat G and Bridge Life Entertainment, discovered via Mr. Lif on facebook yesterday.

We made it through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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