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September 19, 2011

Overcoming Adversity (the sardonic way)

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If I had anything to say about inadvertently taking the month of August (Awghost?) off from being online, I’d say something egregiously uncouth like “egad! omg sorry yallz!” and then just jump right back into it. A few hundred dry words must be better than nothing.

I had to parenthetically differentiate the post title since the first two words call to mind the notion of a stiff motivational speech given by a person who usually sells cars.

Nonetheless, the theme of my summer seems to have been changed from “just coolin’ out on the lazy tip, yo!” or whatever else I had been doing to something more along the lines of “Overcoming Adversity” since there’s been a few ways in which I felt challenged beyond what the most recent summers have presented.

I have made a few new friends, some online and some off, over the last few months. I grow to know more of the strange new town I find myself in. Never would’ve believed it when I was far younger…this being so far from home and yet having little incentive to get out and explore where I live now.

And I’ve done it several times. I lived not far from where I grew up and didn’t really explore a lot. I lived in the town where I attended college for 2-3 years and didn’t really explore a lot, aside from swamp stomping and sand-sliding my freshman year. I lived in Rochester a chunk of years and could probably still get lost there easily enough.

Various challenges this summer. The place is overrun with dogs, some cute, some disgusting. I finished one piece of artwork and moved onto another. I finished a project that will be a gift to my mother, about which I’ll get more specific elsewhere. I’ve made my electronics my own despite the best intentions of their craven, profit-addicted manufacturers.

I stopped using splenda on the advice of several different persons and my heartburn has subsided greatly. I don’t wanna wallow in what I’ve taken to calling “the organ recital” but the simple truth is that the older we get, the more the concerns of the body become important. Life doesn’t seem ready to give up and let us keep living it, so we take care with the details and try to preserve whatever we’ve got left of it.

I’m thankful there are adversities to overcome that aren’t entirely of the physical meatspace body I inhabit. The technological challenges provide welcome distraction when knees, stomachs, moods, sinuses, etc decide that they are gonna try to steal all your attention. Well, tech and a good book. (Reading atm: A Storm of Swords by G. R. R. Martin.)

As has become somewhat common among old friends whenever I have the chance to see/chat/email with them, here then is The Media Dump. A brief list of what I’ve been consuming, what I recommend: Little Mosque on the Prairie, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Justified, Leverage, The Wire, Ringer, Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice and Fire, 2600, Nellie McKay’s Home Sweet Mobile Home, Brother Ali, No Bird Sing, Dan Wilson, Grieves, Mike Mictlan & Lazerbeak, Tom Morello, Ziggy Marley, Mike Doughty, Doop, Gillian Welch, the Decemberists.

Looking forward to: nanowrimo 2011, the Jayhawks Mockingbird Time, Ryan Adams Ashes & Fire, Ben Folds anthology with new Ben Folds Five songs, and last but mostly least – this goofy thing called “Wireframe Placeholder” – a novel.

A brief P.S. – I read over at that Piers Anthony took a spill while running, and a bit more serious fall while riding his scooter. I sincerely hope you recover ASAP. (I would call you ‘captain my captain’ or ‘great bird’ but despite being a regular reader most of my life, we don’t know each other that well. Here’s wishing you a quick and blessed mending of bones, tissue and spirits, though! Thanks for all the books…)


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