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May 19, 2011

a brief amateurish lesson in quantum mechanics

Okay so I know I’m not by any means a master. But then are there any true Masters of Quantum Mechanics? Even Einstein and Stephen Hawking are at-best pedestrian at understanding things that exist almost entirely outside The Whole Capacity of Human Thought & Imagination.

But this whole doomsday fetishism thing going on, this rapture lust, this fad of rabid Christians trying to make everybody scared like 9-11 just because they can’t wait any longer to meet their Maker???


Stop feeding the trolls, stop perpetuating this nonsense. This shite belongs on the front pages of the Weekly World News ffs! The Enquirer wouldn’t touch this, it’s beneath THEM, get me??

The absolute truth is that if the Universe did come to An End, it would either immediately reverse the big bang and collapse into a new fluctuation opposite to this bang’s trajectory and perspective, OR it would be entirely obliterated, all matter and substance eradicated to beyond Ether.

Immediately thereafter, The Universe would be replaced with an even harder nut to crack, a bigger puzzle, a bigger enigma in Its Place.

The inversion or replacement of the entire Universe is ALL THAT WILL OCCUR. Humanity schmoomanity, you can’t kill the Universe.

At the very least if the Universe turns itself inside out, THAT is where and why and how all this narcissistic, vain, Humanity-Centric BS will cease!

If that’s what it takes, then maybe I could be at peace with it. Gotta turn off the dark, end the endless night somehow. My life is light, but it isn’t enough. We want yesterday gone. We want the past to die. We want skin color or gender politics to be irrelevant.

So Xtians…go have your doom if you want it so badly. Just get less ignorant, get less stupid, or just get gone. If it were up to most of the under-20 aged people in America I’m pretty sure we’d Annex Jesusland and get on with our lives. Don’t make us need to!

Well and blessed be, safe travels.

[And btw dumping the negativity -from a personal, local, county, state, regional, federal, and international perspective, this would help IMMENSELY to keep there being more tomorrows. Just a hint from me 2 u.]


April 26, 2011

Becoming the media (podcasts abound)

I remember the night before Paul Wellstone died. I’m sorry to start on a downer, but it fixes the moment in time. I was at a Jello Biafra spoken word performance in the First Avenue Mainroom with my wife and a handful of friends.

[Digressing just for a moment, Mason Jennings wrote the most heartfelt eulogy to Mr Wellstone and his lovely bride called Ballad of Paul and Sheila. If it doesn’t touch you, you might wanna check if you’re still a human being.

On the convex of that thought and reference, how honest and true to that memory, how just and carefully Senator Al Franken does your seat proud, Sir Wellstone. It is a wonderful testament to hope, if I do not strain my hyperbole ahead of itself.]

The topic of Mr. Biafra’s clear headed oasis of reason that good night centered around the theme “become the media.” Despite all the developments of blogs and crowd-centric social applications, it took a few years for the possibility of becoming the same sort of force in the world as a media conglomerate – even for the span of one short video clip – was possible for the little man.

Of course then iTunes democratized that access to podcast audiences. Among other developments, certainly not the only one. But here it is 2011 and Kevin Smith is become a network – certainly not all by himself but (paraphrasing Run DMC here) he “crashed through walls, cut through floors, busted through ceilings and knocked down doors” of all those who told him there was no place for him on radio except as the occasional guest.

As if he needed my help, I’m still proud to mention Kevin Smith’s SModcast Internet Radio, aka SIR! beginning next month, barely a fortnight away. It was SModcast that led me to discover Nerdist, Bagged & Boarded, Adam Carolla’s podcast, Doug Benson’s podcast, Money B’s podcast.

I’d babble about how much I love Hollywood Babble-On, but you could just go listen to it…go ahead, I’ll wait…

There are more podcasts everyday. Yahtzee Croshaw over at Zero Punctuation seems to have done at least one. A friend contacted me tonight about his premiere on one tomorrow. No need be shy about it anymore, right?

Adam Sward over there on me friends list, referred to in my eyes as Illustrator Samurai. Paraphrasing what Bender might say, “Go look upon Adam’s art, and then kill yourselves.” Well, don’t die, but join me in amazement and then admit you’re unlikely to do near as good.

Also, hear him on a podcast if you wanna. Isn’t the internet great like that?

I keep thinking about finding the words to humbly offer up my oddball music lexicon brain up to a friend (see over there where it says Friends? Russ4Life. That’s him.) to use however might help his weekly radio show. Not that he needs any help.

I miss college nights listening to The Shag on KKCK. Russ keeps a blog for it over here:

Participation is infectious. Playing solo DJ sets into makes me miss my college radio show. Le sigh…

The Ben Heck Show is a prime example of how incredible things can reach massive audiences with little if any politics involved in it at all. This is the kind of ‘become the media’ that was just beginning to get possible when Jello suggested it – mainly as a counter to corporate personhood. Those were the beginning days of youtube, back when video on the internet was mostly a joke about “buffering….”

There are times it truly staggers me, almost grinds my gears to a halt – seeing how many video tools exist entirely online in the cloud. Seeing friends kids who were (as Kevin would put it, still come) not-born-yet back when I first used a digital camera. [For class. And I had to sign a waiver, it was THAT expensive.] These same kids use video editing software to chop up their skateboarding videos so effortlessly I feel like a fossil.

Mistah Smiff had one of the people involved in this link on a podcast a while back. A special one for charity, with a microscopic price tag I hardly blinked before donating.

In fact, possessed by the spirit of heightened connectivity, you can hear that lovely podcast right at their page link right here below.

Tonight I stumbled across a techdirt story that tickled my brainmeats.

I see that they remark how producing an 8 track album in 8 hours is exemplary of the process outgrowing entirely the album-release model. Even going further than Radiohead, who broke the mold for sales. This one is created far faster than In Rainbows was.

I can’t wait to give it a whirl. Web timestamps aside, according to the article I just RTFA’d they should be finishing this right about … NOW!

January 4, 2011

mixing up the variables

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Another year. Meh. After you’ve lived 10 or 20 of ’em, the moments when one blinks into another cease to be as thrilling as many expect you to believe. Anticlimactic doesn’t begin to cover watching 11:59 turn into 12:00. It happens every frakking day.

Couldn’t sleep, so lemming’d up to the internet to read a spell.

Found two stories tickling my brain from the start.

I’d like to attempt to force alchemy to occur here, mute reality to my whims and force these two stories to cross-pollinate each other despite the fact that little is common among them aside from my wacky perspective.

First, the notion that video gaming pushes innovation faster than the military industrial complex…playing out before your very eyes in the fact that tech from the popular handhelds, the GBA, DS, psp, ended up in the iphone and the droid.

See more here:

Second, an open source clone of the old BeOs called Haiku. I’d love to see this become a template for OS design, or at least the high-end capabilities paired with low-end hardware requirements screams at a former poor boy who wants to do the most with whatever he’s got. Also shouts to the third world peoples who need a network and multimedia ready OS that runs on whatever hardware can be obtained.

I know it’s a moon-eyed, laudatory, dreamy piece, but the concepts are dead-on.

If I had a wish, it would be making easier, simpler, less-complex and confusing software much more easily available to people with the hardware that refuses to run that expensive new version of Windows7 corporate bloatware.

Maybe we need a homebrew software disc burning club at every major library. Try to reach out to the end users with the least means, keep them part of the online conversation and experience, crafting the interfaces of the future through everyday use, along with their marginally-wealthier brethren.

Maybe I’m just waxing hippy in the odd new year. But I can hope, can’t I?

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